Curugsewu Sukorejo Kendal

Curug sewu waterfall located in Patean, Kendal and is a three-level waterfall with a height of about 80m.

The name of the waterfall was taken from the name of the village where the waterfalls are located, namely, the village in the district Patean Curug sewu precisely, the distance is 40 kilometers from the town of Kendal in advance through the city and Sukorejo Weleri.

Curug sewu waterfall have the privilege and unique compared to other waterfall, with a total height of 70 meters consisting of 3 waterfall, each having a height of 45 meters, 15 meters and 20 meters. looks very beautiful and charming to look at, especially at certain times, from the waterfall appears a rainbow blend of dazzling diversity of colors.

To provide comfort to the visitors, about the location of Waterfall Curug sewu recreational park has been equipped with auxiliary facilities such as stage and children's playground, mini zoo and a Swimming Pool as well as various other facilities. Still on the privileges and keunikkannya, it turns out AirTerjun Curugsewu is the highest waterfall in Central Java.

To complete range of amenities and facilities that already exist, Mini Train, Jet Coaster and Swimming Pool with national standards have been built. In order to provide excellent service and satisfactory